Male Poses 3

      • 6 random model poses for males 

I hope you will enjoy it ♥︎This T-shirt is my recolour of Gorilla X3 Short Sleeve T-shirt, I made it for personal use, and I can’t upload it without permission, so if you want me to do more recolours to share here for free, I will try to ask the creator to use his CC.  

I hope you will enjoy it ♥︎


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Blender and Sims 4 Studio Tutorial for Beginners

In this video, I will show you how to start working in Blender, instal S4S and export objects. I hope this video is helpful to you!

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Morning Routine

morning routine

Presenting you a very special collaboration project with KatVerse

This is male version of morning routine poses

      • 6 morning poses
      • download female poses from  KatVerse  website.
    1. Waking Up ; Needs this blanket  by @conceptdesign97sims​ .
    2. Shower ; Use underwear with this pose.
    3. Skincare ; For moisturised skin effect I used Wet Highlight   by @obscurus-sims  ​ (it’s on Patreon, but now access is opened). Extra – La Mer Skincare Set   by @coatisims.
    4. Cooking ; Needs Spatula  acc by @a-luckyday, Breakfast decorative set   by Solny  , Vanadium Stove  by @veranka-s4cc. Extra – Breakfast Clutter   by Around TS4 ; Spatula deco by annwang923.
    5. Good Morning / News ; Place the teleporter in the middle of a table, chair should be behind the teleporter.
    6. Armchair ; I used armchair from Get to Work EP and Cassandre Bag  by @leosims4cc

I hope you will enjoy it ♥︎

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